Portfolio of Julien Schleiffer



Self Portrait Julien Schleiffer

Highly creative mindset with a technical interest. I’ve been trained in applied and fine arts before graduating in Cgi with a Master’s degree.

I started my freelance carreer in 2009, at first doing graphic design and web developpement. I slowly trained myself in animation before being hired as a junior lecturer at Strasbourg’s University.

I now work as a full time motion designer and illustrator, mostly directing short films for communication purposes. I either work with agencies or directly with my own clients.

I’m a sketch artist and also take part in the Urban Sketchers French community.

Skillset :
Art Direction, drawing, painting, illustration, animation, storyboard, 3D modeling and animation, creative writing, branding.

Client :
Mars, Es, Dr Oetker, Caisse d’Epargne, Crédit Mutuel, FC Metz