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Illustration | Youpiemonday.com | Art direction, Motion design - Strasbourg

Riot or parade

wishes 2019

Greeting cards I’ve painted right after watching “Into the Spiderverse”. I bet you can see some influence…

wishes 2019


Comme un lundi

Daily paintings.

Comme un lundi

Creative Block series 006

Creative Block series 008

Fatale series #71 - Clark

Fatale series #72 - Motherhood

Imaginary muse series #27

Imaginary muse series #27

Imaginary muse series #35


Chousse Air DJing

A selection of studies (digital painting).

Chousse Air DJing
Chousse, Air DJing

Goodbye Zurich
Goodbye Zurich

Tristan's Office
Tristan’s Office

Heavypaint room study
Last ray of sun in a bedroom

Heavypaint random studies
Random Heavypaint studies

Virtual Plein air

Virtual plein air - South Korea

Digital painting series, painted virtually on location.

Virtual plein air - South Korea

Virtual plein air - Bengladesh

Virtual plein air - Greenland

Virtual plein air - Poland

Virtual plein air - Slovenia

Virtual plein air - Ghana

Octave M (1864 – )


Octave M (1864 – ), digital painting. “Octave was so fast he could travel in time”

This picture was shown in a bike art exhibition that traveled in Athens, Volos and Thessaloniki, back in 2016.


Or Norme

Couverture Or Norme #24

I’ve been invited to join the team of Or Norme (quarterly magazine distributed in Strasbourg). I have signed the contributors gallery (below) and take part in it as an illustrator.

Portraits Or Norme Magazine #24
Portraits Or Norme Magazine #24
Portraits Or Norme Magazine #24
Portraits Or Norme Magazine #24


Chambre 411 - Graffalgar

I’m pleased to be part of the Graffalgar’s roster of artists since October 2015. If you ever travel around here, you can have the opportunity to sleep in one of my illustrations!

Graffalgar picture by Julien Schleiffer

CFSL Artbook

Cover de l'artbook CFSL08

I had to honor to be selected for the last CFSL (Cafesale) Artbook.

The project was crowdfunded and finally edited after quite a few twists. But it was the occasion for me to see my work published between very talented and inspiring other artists.

Below: a selection of my published pictures.

3 wheels by Julien schleiffer
Living planet by Julien Schleiffer


Youpiemonday is a creative studio based in Strasbourg, France. With a focal point on illustration and animation, the studio strives on creating tailor made visuals to help serve its clients and their communication needs.

Xmas OFF

Affiche du Noel Off par Julien Schleiffer - Place de la gare, Strasbourg

Illustration created to promote the alternative Xmas market in Strasbourg. The picture has been used to cover the front of the SNCF Regional Direction while the building was renewed.

Above: a photo of the image on the building.
Affiche Noël Off - SNCF

Speed paintings

Empty work site

A selection of speed paintings (painting time from 20 min to 1h).

Empty work site
Empty work site

Speeding Carriage by Julien SchleifferSpeeding Carriage

Ulf The Lonely Yeti by Julien Schleiffer
Ulf The Lonely Yeti

The witch ruins by Julien Schleiffer
The witch ruins

The challenger by Julien SchleifferThe challenger

Bear Skin by Julien-SchleifferBear Skin

The Prophet by Julien SchleifferThe Prophet