Stella Artois


Character Design



Heartbeat Billionaire

Premiers character designs de Heartbeat Billionaire pour Stella Artois.

Here’s the research and final result for a project I had the honor to work on with animation studio Eddy. I worked under the direction of Quentin Bailleux, an artist and director whose work I admire for a long time. And, as it it wasn’t enough, the commercial was aired during the Super Bowl and starred Lenny Kravitz, what a chance !

Croquis et version finale des personnages de la publicité Heartbeat Billionaire de Stella Artois

I was asked to create a few designs and turnaround for background characters. As you can see on the images, the portraits I painted were quite detailed at the start but as the project went on, the direction took a more minimalist visual approach.

L'ensemble des personnages de Heartbeat Billionaire pour Stella Artois
Turnaround et version simplifiée pour deux personnages de la publicite Heartbeat Billionaire de Stella Artois.